B Pharm 2nd Sem Syllabus Pdf 2023

B Pharm 2nd Sem Syllabus is a crucial period in the academic journey of pharmacy students as it builds upon the foundation laid in the first semester and prepares them for more advanced coursework in the subsequent semesters.

So, if you are a B Pharm 2nd Sem student and searching for B Pharm 2nd sem syllabus then you are in the right place because in this article, we will provide an overview of the B Pharm 2nd sem syllabus, including the topics covered in each subject and their relevance in the field of pharmacy. This will help students gain a better understanding of the course and prepare themselves for the challenges ahead.

B Pharm 2nd Sem Syllabus Subjects Wise

If you want to download b pharm 2nd sem syllabus subjects wise then don’t worry for it because in this article we share complete syllabus of b pharmacy 2nd semester. So first you have to know about the subjects. There are six subjects in b pharm 2nd semester.

Sl. NoSubjects Name
1Human Anatomy And Physiology II
2Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry I
5Computer Applications In Pharmacy
6Environmental Sciences

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Human Anatomy And Physiology II B Pharm 2nd Sem Syllabus

This subject aims to provide essential information about the organization and operations of different systems in the human body. It also facilitates comprehension of homeostatic mechanisms and serves as a foundation for comprehending various pharmaceutical disciplines.

Unit No.Contents
INervous System
IIDigestive System
IIIRespiratory System
IVUrinary System
VEndocrine System
VIReproductive System

Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry I B Pharm 2nd Sem Syllabus

This subject focuses on the classification and naming of basic organic compounds, as well as structural isomerism, intermediate compounds formed during reactions, key physical properties, reactions, and preparation methods for these compounds. The syllabus also places importance on understanding reaction mechanisms and the orientation of reactions.

Unit No.Contents
IClassification, nomenclature and isomerism
IIAlkanes, Alkenes and Conjugated dienes
IIIAlkyl halides
IVCarbonyl compounds
VCarboxylic acids

Biochemistry B Pharm 2nd Sem Syllabus

Biochemistry is a field that focuses on the study of the chemical processes that occur within living cells at the molecular level. Its scope includes providing knowledge on the biochemical facts and principles that help us understand the metabolism of nutrient molecules in various physiological and pathological conditions. Additionally, biochemistry also emphasizes the genetic organization of the mammalian genome and the hetero- and autocatalytic functions of DNA.

Unit No.Contents
IBiomolecules And Bioenergetics
IICarbohydrate Metabolism
IIILipid Metabolism
IVAmino Acid Metabolism
VNucleic Acid Metabolism

Pathophysiology B Pharm 2nd Sem Syllabus

Pathophysiology is a field of study focused on understanding the underlying causes of diseases and the body’s responses to these causes. This course aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the pathology of various conditions, including their pharmacological implications, as well as a basic understanding of pathophysiological mechanisms. By taking this course, students will not only gain knowledge of pathology as it pertains to the syllabus, but also develop a foundation of knowledge essential for the safe, confident, rational, and effective practice of medicine.

Unit No.Contents
IBasic principles of Cell injury and Adaptation
IICardiovascular System
IIIHaematological Diseases
IVDisease of bones and joints
VInfectious diseases
VISexually transmitted diseases

Computer Applications In Pharmacy B Pharm 2nd Sem Syllabus

This subject provides an overview of databases, database management systems, and computer applications in clinical studies. It covers the use of databases in organizing, storing, and retrieving data for clinical studies, and the different types of database models and structures that are commonly used. Students will also learn about the role of database management systems in maintaining the integrity and security of clinical data, and the importance of data validation and quality control.

Unit No.Contents
INumber System
IIWeb Technologies
IIIApplication of computers in Pharmacy
VComputers as data analysis in Preclinical development

Environmental Sciences B Pharm 2nd Sem Syllabus

Environmental Sciences is a field of scientific inquiry that focuses on the study of the environmental system and how it affects living organisms. This area of study encompasses the physical and biological characteristics of the environment, as well as the social and cultural factors that influence it. Additionally, Environmental Sciences seeks to understand the ways in which human activities impact the environment.

Unit No.Contents
IThe Multidisciplinary nature of environmental studies
IIIEnvironmental Pollution


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